Dr. Mike Mitic is licensed by the Alberta Dental Association and College to provide patients with Botox therapy. Botox can be used not only as a cosmetic procedure, but also to reduce the severity of clenching and grinding and is often used in conjunction with night guards to alleviate jaw pain.

Why Dentists & Botox®?

Dr. Mike Mitic has recently started offering Botox® at Canyon Meadows Dental Care. We thought we would let you know of a few reasons why you might want to speak with us about your next Botox® treatment. 

As we age, our skin changes. Over time, repetitive movements of the facial muscles (such as squinting and frowning), loss of volume and elasticity, and the forces of gravity cause unwanted wrinkles and folds to develop.

It is now possible to smooth out these wrinkles and folds without surgery. Botox® is a safe and non-invasive procedure that provides therapeutic results, as well as treats the signs of aging naturally, precisely, and non-surgically. 

Why Dr. Mike Mitic makes an excellent clinician choice for administering Botox®

Dr. Mitic has had specialized university education in head and neck anatomy,

  • PTIFA-badge.pngHas taken extensive training at the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics and is now is one of the most highly trained and qualified facial rejuvenation practitioners in the world,
  • Understands the importance of reviewing your medical history and performing a complete exam,
  • Is highly trained and experienced in providing facial injections,
  • Works in a clinical setting,
  • Understands the importance of asepsis and always use sterile instruments or ‘once only’ disposables,
  • Has appropriate liability insurance,
  • And he can discuss and treat all of your aesthetic concerns regarding your teeth, smile and face.